Columbia University wants to change up its ‘white people from Iowa-only’ scholarship

There are a lot of weird random scholarships out there. I mean, there’s one for tall people, one for nudists, one for people who are awesome at duck calling.

Columbia University is trying to change the requirements for a scholarship that is not only weird, but also pretty darn racist.



The scholarship, established in 1920 by an old lady from Iowa who lived in a New York Hotel, specifies that the scholarship may only be awarded to a Caucasian person from Iowa with no plans to study law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or theology… or to stay in NYC. The winner must also swear that he or she shall return to Iowa two years after graduating. That is awfully specific. And racist. Which is likely why the scholarship (valued at about $22,000 at present) has not been given out in some time.

Given that things are a little different nowadays than they were in 1920, the school is filing an affidavit to have the race requirement removed from the necessary qualifications. So, you know, just as long as you are from Iowa and not an aspiring veterinarian.