2 bald eagles battle mid-air, fall to ground at Minnesota airport

There isn’t much to do in Duluth, Minnesota, but it now may very well be the most metal place in the universe.

2 bald eagles apparently battled so fucking hard in mid-air that they became entangled and fell from the fucking sky, crash landing at an airport, still in battle with each other. Miraculously, both survived. Because they are seriously badass and metal and bald damn eagles. I bet they battled to early Iron Maiden or something.

Randy Hanzal, who works as a Minnesota conservation officer, was quoted as saying (bold emphasis mine):

“Apparently, mature eagles will sometimes fight over territories. They will do battle in the air, crashing into each other and grabbing an intruding eagle with their talons. Usually, they will let go of each other before hitting the ground, but in this case, they had the talons so deeply imbedded in each other they may have been unable to let go. Surprisingly, the two eagles were remarkably calm as I grabbed them both and loaded them into the back of my truck. I think they were still more intent on winning the battle than any concern for me.

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