Ahmed Angel is planet, also the most glamorous man in the world

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BEHOLD, readers. Feast your eyes upon the face of the most beautiful man who has ever walked the earth. Look upon the face of a majestical angel. Ahmed Angel. What is this Ahmed Angel, you ask? Is he mystery? Is he romance? Answer? He is planet.

Here is some video evidence of this fact. You will have to see this gloriousness on YouTube, because both a video and a slideshow would be too much amazing for one post and you would probably faint from all of the handsome.

Yes. He is planet. We do not know much about this glorious creature at present. Just that he is a student in Iraq and that he possesses a smize so potent it could crush you to pieces with one errant glance in your direction. He will steal your heart, your soul, and perhaps even your wallet as he entrances you with his planet being ways. He will take your hand and lead you on a romantic skip through the meadow. No one can resist his power. Give in, for you have already fallen.