McDonald’s employee spots her stolen car while working in drive-thru

On Tuesday morning Virginia Maiden was leaving her apartment complex in Kennewick, WA to work at the nearby McDonald’s when she saw her SUV was missing. Hours later, after she begrudgingly made her way into Mickey D’s to dole out the QPs with cheese, she spotted her Toyota 4Runner as it entered the drive-thru. Maiden then called the police and had the customer arrested and (wait for it) served!

Police arrested 22-year-old Katherine A. York at the McDonald’s location and found on the suspect as well as her male passenger a shopping spree’s worth of clothes from JC Penny and Sears — all still with security tags attached. Police have detained York at Benton County Jail. York’s unidentified male passenger was not charged.

source: Tri-City Herald and KNDU