Check out the trailer and super-crappy website for the e-book ’90s Island’

“The Heming Way” author, Internet addict and all around good guy Marty Beckerman has spent the last few months longing for the past in ways that, perhaps, Joel Stein’s millennials may not understand. Myself, not a day goes by that I don’t wish my Twitter feed was polluted with comments about “The Larry Sanders Show” and “Tales from the Crypt” instead of “Veep” and “The Walking Dead.” But maybe a perfectly mobile thirty-something such as myself doesn’t have a right to wax nostalgic (versus, say, a septuagenarian invalid who has nothing but the past to enjoy because they’re shitting in a senior citizen prison somewhere).

Or, even if I am allowed to do so, maybe that just makes me really obnoxious. Vince at FilmDrunk has this thing about how my generation basically fetishizes nostalgia for the sake of it. Because we can consume media so quickly and conveniently now, it basically bursts the bubble in an instant. It’d be like buying an eighth of blow and Hoovering it all in three minutes.

But, cocaine problem aside, I guess I’m OK with being horny for the past. Marty is, too. So, if you’re looking for a 15,000-word read about stuff that no longer exists, the e-book “90s Island” might be for you. Check out the cheesy trailer below and his really crappy (read: wistful) website to purchase here.

Full disclosure: Marty’s a friend of mine, but I wouldn’t have posted this in any case if I thought it was total garbage.