3D model of Richard III’s head set for whirlwind tour of England

After the discovery of Richard III’s bones beneath a parking lot in Leisceter, England this past February, the Richard III Society immediately went ahead and commissioned a 3D sculpture of his head. The model was created by¬†Professor Caroline Wilkinson and the forensic art team at the University of Dundee, using a 3D printing technique called¬†stereolithography. Which is essentially the same manner in which those 3D guns are being printed.

Both the specifics of the skull shape and portraits painted of the notoriously wicked king during his lifetime were taken into account in order to produce the most accurate representation possible.

While the sculpture is currently on display in Leisceter, people across Britain will soon be able to gaze upon the disembodied head of the “rudely stamp’d” Plantagenet when it goes on tour this summer.

No plans have been made yet to recreate the King’s scoliosis-afflicted (not hunchbacked!) body. That we know of. Anything is possible, and really, what else is the Richard III society going to do with it’s time otherwise?