Japan’s newest fast food addition: the ramen burger

This week at the Japanese fast food chain Lotteria, customers are going to double up on the bloat with its new menu item, the Menya Musashi Ramen Burger. Otherwise known as ????????????, the burger will remain on the menu through mid-June at 634 yen. That gets you a heap of ramen noodles sandwiched by a warm bun and mixed with char siu pork. The Ramen Burger also comes with soup. An extra order of ramen is available for another 100 yen.

The jackholes at rocketnews24 decided to add 10 extra orders of ramen to their order on Monday, resulting in the sandwich below.


Did their resident glutton woof down the carbo-load? Check out their pics here.

source: quentinlau and rocketnews24