‘Arrested Development’ Banana Stand comes to LA

As every person with a pulse and an internet connection is painfully aware, “Arrested Development” returns this weekend for their fourth season. In preparation, a guerilla-style advertising campaign has given fans the opportunity to experience some of Mitch Hurwitz’s “Newport” staples in real lifeā€”over the weekend the infamous Bluth “stair car” made stops at The Grove in West Hollywood and Los Angeles’ tourism epicenter, Hollywood and Highland.

The week before, the Bluth Banana Stand popped up in Columbus Circle and Times Square, temporarily manned by Ron Howard, Jason Bateman, and Will Arnett. Last night it was announced, via the Arrested Development Twitter account, that the stand was arriving on its home coast of California, posting up at 9300 Culver Blvd. from noon to 7 PM.

The account has yet to divulge any guest appearances. However, according to Los Angeles Magazine, Judy Greer, known to AD fans as “Kitty Sanchez” and known to rom-com fans as “that woman who is always playing second fiddle”, is set to be in attendance. Mae Whitman (“Ann” “Egg” “Her?”) announced on her personal Twitter account that she’d also be making an appearance:

Be on the look out for a very bland little beige someone who just might be working her shift at the banana stand today in culver city!

Interesting that neither the stair car nor the banana stand have appeared in their hometown of Newport or Balboa (yet). Maybe the actual citizens of Orange County wouldn’t get the joke. It’s only Monday and we have nearly a full week of promotions to come, but it seems Papa Banana Stand himself will also be rolling up his sleeves to sling his frozen treats somewhere soon:

Picture 5

Let’s hope for escalating events this week. Maybe GOB will perform a real life “illusions” show at The Magic Castle? Maybe David Cross can step on stage at Staples Center with the Blue Man Group? With a show that has an eye for such comedic pageantry, it seems the sky is the limit for Arrested Development shenanigans this week.