Poet John Mortara’s ‘ADVENTURE’

JohnMortaraJohn Mortara is a young and brilliant poet currently based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. The poet with a well-known penchant for bagels and Dungeons and Dragons style adventure games recently made homage to the latter obsession. Over the course of eight days in mid-April, Mortara detailed an adventure narrative, mixing Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type directives and descriptions with too-true Millenial cliches, 140 characters at a time via his Twitter account.

Not only were the tweets inherently hilarious, particularly for fans of the adventure genre who are familiar with the pitfalls of dungeon exploration, necromancing, and witchy temptations, but they also happened to strike an extremely resonant chord when it comes to navigating the all too cringe-worthy landscape of our modern generation. Thankfully, Mortara compiled them all on to one website for our streamlined viewing pleasure. You can complete John’s “–ADVENTURE–“ here (which I highly encourage that you do) or check out some of the highlights below:

[You can follow John on Twitter here and read (or view, or participate in) his excellent media-heavy poetry here.]

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