Baauer knocks trap music out of the park with Disclosure ‘You & Me’ remix

Do you like trap music? It’s the younger, punchier, and more danceable brother of dubstep (boo!) that all the cool kids are getting into. Once dubstep went mainstream they had to get into something else, right? Right.

Well, Baauer (he of “Harlem Shake” fame) has this apparent follow up to “Harlem Shake” and this one is infinitely fucking better / less cloying. It’s a remix of the Disclosure song “You & Me” featuring British chanteuse Eliza Doolittle, and Baauer’s take features a slightly pitched up vocal. It’s built for a big room, so unless you just had 578654 Mountain Dews, this might not work at your desk or on your headphones.

But at the club? Loud in your car? Absolutely. Well done, Baauer.