Exclusive: first single from Grey Gordon’s incredible new EP

One of the latest additions to No Sleep’s roster, the guys wo brought you Now, Now (Every Children) et al, is Grey Gordon, a humble and subdued, would-be Elliot Smith protege had fate gone another way with the icon. I don’t hype things for hype’s sake; and I can honestly say that his new record is beautiful, clever, honest, and just plain full of skilled songwriting -something you don’t always expect from a guy who grew up in the hardcore scene.

Grey’s lyrics are the stuff of 90’s-emo dreams, exactly what made Deep Elm special for so many of us, but with a twist –he still holds very dear to his heart the pillars of a straightedge moral code. He remains proud of his roots and on this new EP, he throws in a couple of tried and true hardcore-singalong-hooks atop his acoustic riffs that you’d normally find shouted over a top-string breakdown by bands whose names begin with ‘X’, “if you’re not now then you never were…”

The first single from “Still At Home Here” is “Old Houses” and the only reason it’s not a standout track is because every song is a hit. Grey told us, “Simply put, this is a song about the naïveté of youth and the missteps we take that seem so glaring in retrospect. It’s a song about being well-intentioned, but being ill equipped to put those intentions into action. It’s about being a teenager.”

“Still At Home Here” is available for preorder here. The album drops May 28th.