Alex Jones not 100% sure Obama sent the tornado to destroy Oklahoma for funsies

Oh Alex Jones. I feel our relationship is getting a wee bit stale. I mean, it’s just become a bit rote and predictable. You don’t send me flowers anymore, and it’s like we can’t have a national disaster anymore without you and your friends pondering whether or not the government caused it on purpose as part of some nefarious plan to, um, I don’t know. Mess with Oklahoma? For funsies?

Yesterday on his show, a grandmother who had been a fan of Jones’ “since he was a young man” called to inquire about the possibility of whether or not Obama sent the tornado with his secret weather controlling mechanism, pictured below:


Kind of! Oh, except that it’s this thing called HAARP that all the conspiracy theorists are always wound up about, because they think the government is trying to control the weather- even though all the scientists are like “No, really. We actually cannot do that.”

Anyway, though Jones acknowledges that sometimes tornadoes do happen naturally–like that one time in Kansas where that one chick got whisked away to an alternate dimension to murder some ladies– it is also totally possible that the government did it. Because they have a weather weapon that “create and steer” tornadoes (no, they don’t), and also one time they made killer floods happen in Texas (pretty sure they didn’t).

Not to tornado all over anyone’s parade, but we have like zero dollars right now, and I don’t think anyone has the money to make a twister happen for no apparent reason. But then again, I am clearly a total sheeple. (Can sheeple be singular? Am I a shperson or a sheeple?)

Via Media Matters: