Shaggy vulgarian references ‘Aliens’ while being chased by Oklahoma tornado

On Monday afternoon, all was well for Michael Trimmell, who was helping his buddy Luke move some things to his new home. That is, until the loquacious Okie spotted the infamous tornado trailing a few hundred yards behind on Interstate 44. But shaggy made the best of the situation by uploading vertical gold to the Internet in case YouTubers wanted an up-close, open mike experience of this week’s horrendous twister.

From the description on Michael’s YouTube account:

May 20th 2013 that son o bitch just snuck up on us,so we hauled ass to get away from the mother fucker..I was helping Luke move some stuff from his old house on 149th st and i44 and we look up and there it is,so we got the hell out of there.

I gotta commend Michael. Not only was he able to think on his feet and document what could have been the final moments of his life, but—”shakin’ ballsacks” aside—he seemed to take the whole incident in stride. Also, he totally embraces the fact that he’s a dead ringer for Bill Paxton. Dude referenced Private Hudson’s signature one-liner from “Aliens”!

h/t Gawker