Clumsy fool shoots up Philly strip club with AK-47 because DJ wouldn’t play his song

Philadelphia police have released footage of Henry Pettigrew, who was identified on CCTV shooting up the strip club Purple Orchid on May 11 with a fully-automatic assault rifle. The 21-year-old’s motive for turning the topless joint into a straight-to-video action flick? ABC News reports the DJ would not play his song. One customer was wounded in the shoot-out.

From WPVI-TV in Philly:

It was around 1:55 a.m. when Pettigrew and another man were involved in a dispute with club management and bouncers. Police say Pettigrew requested a song and the DJ refused to play his request which led to the dispute. The two then mistook an innocent customer who was just walking in as one of the bouncers and they assaulted him. That man then attempted to get away in his SUV when police say Pettigrew emerged with the AK-47 and fired a number of shots at the fleeing vehicle striking the man above his right hip.

“Fortunately where it hit [the customer], it hit the flesh of his body and it didn’t hit any vital organs,” said Lt. Johnny Walker of the PPD. “You see one of the bullets actually strike the mirror right where [the DJ’s] head would have been, so we’re very fortunate the person did not get struck by the gunfire.”

Watch the local ABC news affiliate’s news report below, which is pretty comprehensive except that they’re totally lacking in commentary on the suspect’s slipping and sliding all over the place at the beginning of the segment. That’s my favorite part — totally GIF-worthy.

source: ABC News