A fact sheet on LA’s first Jewish and youngest mayor-elect, Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles elected a new mayor on Thursday. With a record low voter turnout of only 15 percent, Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti clinched the win by only 26,000 votes, beating the unfortunately named opposition, city comptroller Wendy Gruel. At 42, Garcetti is Los Angeles’s first Jewish mayor and LA’s youngest in more than one hundred years. Here’s a quick fact sheet on the man to take LA’s mayoral office come July 1st.

  • He describes himself as “half-Mexican, half -Jewish, with an Italian last name,” which means ethnically he should have been LA’s mayor a long time ago.
  • He’s almost a character from “The Wire”: not only is his last name one consonant away from Tommy Carcetti, he also rose through the city council to his mayoral position, with a marked decrease in crime of 40% in his district since 2001 (though, west Baltimore is quite a different landscape than LA’s mostly-east-side 13th District).
  • Garcetti is a fan of water and parks—during his time as a city councilman he helped dramatically improve the cleanliness of LA’s waterways and doubled the amount of public parks in his district.
  • He’s an East-sider: Garcetti calls Echo Park home and used to teach at Occidental College (though he possibly had a hand in demolishing a historic Silver Lake staple of the gay community to make way for condominiums—but is that any better than another boutique store selling overpriced branches and slacks or whatever else Sunset Junction boutiques sell?)
  • Garcetti is a lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve.
  • He’s a jazz pianist.
  • Like most politicians, there is video of him awkwardly trying to connect with an audience through the power of dance, however, Garcetti can pop and lock a little better than most elected officials.

Watch Garcetti on the makeshift dance floor below.