Cops go all ’21 Jump Street’ to bust an autistic kid for pot

How are we spending the little money we have these days? Not on things like education or starving children, or ladies who would prefer not to be raped by their crazed ex-boyfriends. We are still wasting bajillions of dollars on the drug wars. Despite the fact that only 6% of Americans now think marijuana should be illegal (same percent that believe unicorns are real; coincidence?), cops across the country are still going undercover at high schools to try and bust kids for pot.

Oh, but not even the kids who are already smoking it on their own. In California, a recent sting operation involved an undercover cop befriending a lonely autistic boy and tricking him into buying weed for him as a favor.

Parents┬áDoug and Catherine Snodgrass were really excited when their son, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and has trouble making friends, made a new friend, “Daniel,” who started texting him all the time. When “Daniel” bugged him about selling him his prescription medication, the boy refused. So “Daniel” repeatedly asked him to buy $20 worth of pot on his behalf. Not wanting to disappoint his new friend, he complied, and ended up getting arrested, along with 21 other students at his school.

This is hardly the first time this kind of thing has happened. Apparently, tricking lonely kids into buying pot is a common element of these sort of stings. In one case, an undercover cop actually tricked an 18-year-old kid into falling in love with her and got him to buy her some pot. He got charged with a felony (for “selling” her the pot).

I cannot even comprehend what purpose this is supposed to serve, or why taxpayer money is going to fund it. It’s not even just useless. It is absolutely cruel to take advantage of lonely kids and kids with disabilities in order to get a collar for a stupid pot infraction. Is it any surprise to anyone that teenagers will do stupid things just to fit in or make people like them?