Westboro Baptist Church to picket Jeff Hanneman’s memorial service

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are known for being the only reason Americans question the right to free speech. The disrespectful hicks have made it painfully aware that they hate homosexuality, veterans, most humans, and most recently: metal. It seems a little on the nose seeing as how hard rock has long been associated with the dark side of the religion coin, embracing demonic imagery and throwing devil horns to all tasty guitar licks. But the idiots of WBC feel like they need to make their feelings clear about Slayer.

Jeff Hanneman, a founding member and guitarist of Slayer, passed away due to liver failure earlier this month. His memorial service is being held tonight, May 23, in Hollywood, California at the Palladium. WBC posted the following on their Twitter account:

Which of your idols will God kill next? Yesterday Chris Kelly #kriskross Today Jeff Hanneman #Slayer #PicketFunerals

The tweet is now deleted for some reason, but WBC has followed up with more nonsense to promote the picketing of Hanneman’s memorial. The Slayer Facebook page responded by encouraging fans to “totally ignore them” and instead focus on celebrating Jeff’s life. According to Noisey, however, John Arya, roadie and brother of Slayer singer Tom Arya, plans on pelting the protesters with water balloons filled with red paint. We won’t know how until 7:30 p.m. PT tonight if the memorial service runs peacefully. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for nonviolence. Though “Slayer vs. The Westboro Baptist Church on Hollywood Boulevard” does sound like a pretty metal event.