Trailer for new Bruce Springsteen documentary explores Boss fanaticism

In case you needed a 90-minute explanation why, according to one New Jersey realtor, “buses of tourists stop all the time” at the home in which Bruce Springsteen lived for about 18 months, then Ridley Scott’s got your back. The “Prometheus” director’s Scott Free production company has spearheaded “Springsteen and I,” a feature-length documentary that delves into the obsessives who have taught their babies to call him “daddy” and clung to the Garden State native’s husky vocals in times of hardship.

What isn’t clear in the trailer below is whether or not Bruce signed off on this in any way. Something tells me this is just a preach-to-the-choir piece of fanfare that doesn’t offer much in the way of new exciting info about the bar band icon. Then again, if there’s enough unearthed concert footage, who gives a shit? Play on.

“Springsteen and I” is slated for a July release.

h/t Rolling Stone