Sadness: A&E cancels ‘Intervention’ after 13 glorious, drug-addled seasons

A&E has just announced that it is cancelling “Intervention,” despite the fact that it is probably the greatest show to ever air on television. Which makes me feel a lot like this:

I love the show, even though every time I watch it I get annoyed by the fact that these people always have these fantastic, super-devoted significant others that are like “Cindy is totally the greatest human ever in the history of the world, too bad she does meth and is really mean to me all the time! Still, I give her all of the money and flowers every day and wait on her hand and foot.” And then I get all “UGH. I need to start inhaling keyboard cleaner or something if I’m ever going to find a proper boyfriend.”

It is awesome despite the fact that you know the “addicts” must know they are about to face an intervention after being told they’re “in a documentary” about addicts and asked to spell their names for the camera. How could they not? The show has been on forever!

However, A&E is all “Whatever, y’all, we’ve got ‘Duck Dynasty’ now, so we don’t need Jeff Van Vonderen for anything anymore” or something. I don’t know why. Jeff Van Vonderen is the JAM.

At least we’ll always have the sweet, sweet memories/re-runs: