Exclusive: Ferns debut new video for ‘Impulsive’

Kelly Jackson reminds me so much of a less aggressive Cinder Block, and I love it. The feisty singer for Brooklyn’s post-punk indie quartet seems equally as neurotic in her performance for ‘Impulsive’ as Tilt did on “Viewers Like You” and “Til It Kills”, but, instead of shouting angrily and unapologetically, Kelly seems to have harnessed that energy and angst. She channels it into mature pop songs. It’s almost as if Tilt started all over again, 13 years later as adults — maybe with Karen O consulting? Regardless, I can’t thank Ferns enough for conjuring up the old memories I have of 12-year-old Andrew listening to Fat Wreck compilations on repeat, via that shit-awful single-disc boombox in my mom’s living room.

“Impulsive” comes from the band’s latest EP “Whatever We Plan,” which released over the winter and unfortunately overlooked by most of us. Check out their new video below and watch out for upcoming show dates in Brooklyn here.