Heckler during Obama’s speech somehow got a press pass

In case you missed it, on Thursday afternoon President Obama delivered a speech on his administration’s future agenda for national security, specifically detailing the boundaries in which he will approach usage of drones and transferring of Gitmo detainees.

Mid-way through his speech at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., Medea Benjamin, the leader of the human rights activist group Code Pink, stood up and interrupted the president’s speech with shouts of “Abide by the rule of law — you’re a constitutional lawyer!” How she got into the event exactly is still unknown. The presser was not open to the public, but Politico learned on Friday that Benjamin obtained a press pass that gained her access to the media pool. A photojournalist in view of Benjamin saw her wearing a bright green press pass with the name “Susan Benjamin” written on it.

What is pretty unprecedented about the entire incident in and of itself, according to members of the White House press corps, is this may be the only time in the modern American presidency that the commander-in-chief directly addressed his heckler. Watch President Obama halt his speech entirely to interact with Benjamin in a clip from Thursday’s speech below.

source: Politico