Classy lady Amanda Bynes arrested for hurling bong out 36th floor apartment

photo credit: Splash

What even is Amanda Bynes? She is a creepy former child actor who is now having a very public breakdown in the cliche sort of way we have all come to know and expect from that type. No biggie. Mostly she’s just been posting bizarre tweets about wanting Drake to murder her vagina and such, and piercing her cheeks, Skrillexing her hair and photographing herself looking like a crazy person.


While at first one could have jumped to the conclusio n– given the fact that she had been a child “comic” — that she was maybe doing some kind of absurdist Andy Kaufmann/Situationist Internationale-type-schtick and just messing with everybody, that theory is kind of out the window now that her bizarre behavior has led to an arrest.

Bynes was clinked at her apartment in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday after throwing a bong out the window of her 36-story building. The police had been called to search her place when a security guard had seen her hanging out in the lobby of the building wearing a crazy platinum blond wig and, gasp!, rolling a joint.

Granted, this is all very ridiculous, and really, what kind of a weirdo yenta bothers to call the police over a joint? Do the police even call police over a joint anymore? Also, why was she smoking/rolling a joint out in the lobby of her building? Is it a conspiracy? I don’t know. Anyway, here’s the perp walk you’ve all been waiting for, so that we may all ponder the ravages of fame and the tragedy of human existence together: