New recordings from LA’s Heroes & Heroines

Heroes & Heroines have been playing their joyful take on melodic garage around Los Angeles for quite some time since their line-up change in 2010. Much to the chagrin of their fans, however, they’ve been light on releasing any material since their “Two Weeks” EP. Until now.


Head-Hero Tony Infante and drummer Gabe Diaz recently moved to Highland Park, California, to start building their analog studio. They recently acquired an MCI JH 24 tape machine, a two-inch tape machine used heavily in the ’70s and ’80s. Their new recordings have the homegrown, warm analog feel and it’s a perfect jumpoff for the impending Memorial Day celebrations and coming summer.

“Just One Kiss,” their latest offering, is a tender bittersweet love song that will tickle the heart and energize the soles of anyone with a pulse. When Infante sweetly bares it all in the hand-clap punctuated breakdown with, “I don’t want to be another boy who’s too, much too whatever to you”, he earthquakes the part in us that’s all too familiar with being undervalued by someone you wished cared as much as you do. Check it out below and follow the link for two free downloads of their other new recordings—H&H’s take on songs by The Compulsive Gamblers and Bobby Fuller.

Heroes & Heroines are playing The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles on June 3rd with Summer Twins.