8 of the best moments in Tim Curry awesomeness

I love Tim Curry so much, which is why I’m very sad to report that the 67-year-old actor suffered a stroke Thursday night. Let’s all hope he gets well soon (he is supposedly in recovery) and can continue on making everything that he is ever in a treasure for all to behold.

I have a special attachment to Tim Curry, since — like many of us who entered our teen years in the ’90s — I was a major “Rocky Horror Picture Show” fanatic back in the day. In fact, I even used to play Columbia at the midnight show every Saturday for a while in high school. Because I am a nerd.

Anyway, we thought this would be an appropriate time to post some of our favorite Tim Curry moments from throughout his illustrious career!

1.Rocky Horror Picture Show



4. His music video for “I Do The Rock!”

5. Stephen King’s It

6. Annie

7. The Worst Witch

8. Paradise Garage