9-year-old kid gives amazing speech against closing Chicago public schools

Earlier this week, the Chicago Public School Board voted to close more than 50 schools — the biggest school closing in the city’s history. This means that kids will be shoved into larger classes in schools further away from their homes, not to mention that a lot of CPS teachers will be losing their jobs.

Meanwhile, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (whom I have said since the beginning was basically a Republican) will be spending about $130 million taxpayer dollars to build DePaul University (a private university, FYI) a fancy new basketball court downtown and even more to make Navy Pier fancier. Side-note: I’ve lived here for eight years and have literally never even been to freaking Navy Pier.

Suffice it to say, basically no one is happy about any of this.

At one of the protests last week, an amazingly bad ass 9-year-old boy named Asean Johnson threw the hell down on the problems with — and inherent racism of– the school closings. Quite frankly, given the choice, I think he’d make a better mayor.