Boy born in jail bails out mom after saving money for 19 years

Kanhaiya Kumari was born in jail in India after his mother Vijai was wrongfully convicted on a murder charge. She was granted an appeal but didn’t have the money to post bail.

Vijai was four months pregnant when she got to jail, and Kanhaiya was born shortly thereafter. Her husband and family abandoned her case and Vijai released her son to be released in juvenile homes. “I sent him away when he got a bit older. It was hard but I was determined. Prison is no place for a young child,” she tells BBC.

But Kanhaiya never forgot his mother. He would visit her every few months and cry when he thought about her. “She was in prison, all alone. No-one else ever visited her. And my father turned his back on her,” he says. The cost to post bail: $180.

As soon as he got old enough he got a job in a garment factory and began saving money for his mother’s release. About 19 years and $180 dollars later, he finally hired a lawyer who was able to get his mother released in a matter of weeks. Mother and son are now reunited.

Judges, learning of the case, called these cracks in the legal system “callous and careless” and called for a study of the prisons in the state to see if there are more cases like Vijai’s withering.

Areas of the U.S. have similar problems—a 2011 report about prisons in the Bron revealed cases of men erroneously arrested and waiting 5 years in jail before facing trial. But BBC points out fully 70% of India’s 300,000 inmates have yet to see a trial.

Watch below to see mother and son reunited. “He’s all I have in this world,” Vijai says.

Source: BBC