5 busted in live sex show at a Utah strip mall theater

Anael Ibeanez, a janitor at a family-oriented theater in Salt Lake City, has been arrested along with three women and one other man, for attempting to stage a live sex show, in order to make some extra cash. He used CL ads to recruit performers and audience for the feat, charging them based on whether or not they planned to perform.



live-sex-show-family-theater (1)

Police were notified of the incident and the theater was raided before any actual sex acts were performed or blessed undergarments shed. Ibeanez, was arrested on felony charges of exploiting prostitution and distributing pornography. Also arrested were Krystle Morales, 21, and Lillian Scott, 22, both of Salt Lake City, and Shelby Boyce, 21, of West Valley City. Troy Manning, 33,  the one lonely fella who showed up to watch the performance, was arrested on charges of solicitation.

Given that Utah is such a notoriously holy and wholesome place, populated primarily by Mormons with suspiciously perfect teeth, locals were pretty surprised that this sort of thing was going on:

Via NY Daily News:

“It was kind of a shock in moral-majority Syracuse,” joked Mario Reyes, who was buying tickets Friday to the action movie Fast & Furious 6 with his son. “But I guess it can happen anywhere.”

However, it’s not really all that shocking. Utah, as wholesome as it pretends to be, what with it’s weird laws where you can’t even have a beer with more than 3.6% alcohol, actually has the highest rate of porn consumption in the country. As my dear mum used to say, “It’s always the holy ones. I’m 167 years old, I’ve never seen it blow the other way.” If anything, being that repressed only leads to more weird shit than being liberated does. It’s like the Amish peddling crystal meth. People who are that pious are always covering up something strange, otherwise they wouldn’t bother.