300 Kate Bushes gather in park to re-enact Wuthering Heights, break record

Earlier this week, 300 human beings dressed up like 80s icon Kate Bush and gathered in a park in Brighton, England to re-enact the version of the “Wuthering Heights” video where she dances in a random field in a red dress, breaking the world record for most amount of people in a park dressed up like Kate Bush dancing to “Wuthering Heights” in a random field.

There is no information on what the previous record was. The event was organized by a group that calls themselves “Shambush” and was called The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience (other than actual Kate Bush, one imagines), as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe.

Although there is not yet full on footage of the event (just a rehearsal video that no one can watch in the states), please enjoy Shambush performing the dance with a bunch of other people dressed up as grannies and also dancing like Kate Bush. Because why not, really?