Adam Levine ‘hates America,’ finally does something interesting

Adam Levine – known communist and also frontman for Maroon 5 – finally went out in public and said what we were all thinking: “I hate America.”

I know. Doesn’t it feel good to hear someone say it? Well, Adam Levine, who moonlights from his Maroon 5 day job to work part time as a talent show judge on the show “The Voice,” was so dismayed that his “Voice” choices got voted off by the American public that he said into the mic: “I hate America.” Fast-forward to 1:14…

Which we all do. Let’s face it. This place is bullshit and it takes a real comrade like Adam Levin to finally say what we’re all thinking. America is a terrible place and we liberals are here to destroy it entirely through gay sex in Priuses.

You’d think that a quick aside from a judge of a tv show that revolves around the concept of spinning chairs would go unnoticed, but apparently a lot of idiots watch the voice. A lot of people who can’t separate politics from life.

Like this guy:

And this guy:

And these humorless mouth-breathers:

And this person:

And this guy, too:

Thankfully, this clears everything up (thankfully):