Aspiring rap sensation Amanda Bynes reportedly evicted from apartment for throwing bong out the window

According to an exclusive report from InTouch Weekly, Amanda Bynes has been reportedly evicted from her apartment on the heels of BongGate. According to an insider, she “was notified that she is no longer welcome as a tenant in the building in light of recent events,” and that movers came up and removed her belongings Tuesday night.

They suggest that perhaps this is why she was in Buffalo jumping on trampolines in a wig last week, but I am pretty sure that jumping on a giant trampoline in a wig is not something anyone needs an “excuse to do.” That is just called having a good time. I only hope that she had the wisdom to stop by The Mighty Taco afterwards.

Our heroine has yet to respond to these allegations, as her most recent Twitter update is once again just about who she is prettier than: