Watch a 12-year-old comic slay ‘like a boss’ in a room full of adults

Through a bizarre series of events on Monday night, I somehow found myself at the ComedySportz theater in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood to see my buddy, the very hilarious and talented Jamie Campbell, the artistic director of their 100 Proof Comedy Showcase, do a set there. I was hanging out with some friends in the bar area outside the stage, when this guy comes out during the Chaser, the post-show open mic, and is like “You guys wanna see the 12-year-old comic?”

And, you know, obviously yes. Everyone did. Everyone quickly moved from the bar and grabbed seats inside… because a 12-year-old hitting the open mic scene in Chicago is just not a thing anyone is used to seeing. The kid, Trevor Burke, absolutely killed it. In a room full of adult comics, mind you. Here is his awesome set from last night.

I had the chance to talk to him afterwards, and he’s also just the nicest kid ever — and not all child actor cutesy at all. Just very polite and charming. At Chaser, audience members can vote for their favorite performer, who will win a guest spot at the next weeks 100 Proof Comedy Showcase. Unsurprisingly, Trevor won the night. So, if you live in the Chicago area, you can catch his act next week at ComedySportz at 8 p.m.