Minnesota high school cheerleader busted for pimping out 16 year old classmate

Oh well, this is charming.

Montia Marie Parker of Maple Grove, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, has been arrested on charges of pimping out a 16 year old fellow high school student.

After hearing that another student had mentioned she was looking for a way to make money, Parker took the girl under her wing, and posted an ad for her on Backpage.com. She then drove the teenager to a motel room to have oral sex with a man, and then pocketed the $60 dollars she made. The next day, Parker drove her out to have sex with another man, but he changed his mind after she refused to have intercourse with him and said she would only have oral sex.

“You’ll be fine — I didn’t drive up here for nothing, and eventually you will need to have sex,” Parker reportedly told the girl.

All this came to light after the girl’s mother checked the text messages on her phone, after noticing changes in her behavior and being told by the school that she had an unexcused absence– notifying police immediately afterwards. Parker has admitted to police that she set up the ad and “received a lot of calls about it.” She faces felony charges of sex trafficking and promoting prostitution.