The Lonely Island’s Wack Wednesdays are actually getting kinda wack

The Lonely Island released another video Wednesday, the latest in their “Wack Wednesdays” series leading up to their new record’s release, “The Wack Album.” The series started out brilliantly with Kendrick Lamar ripping on YOLO and a simple, straight-to-the point tune with T Pain called “I Fucked My Aunt.”

But last week the guys unleashed a letdown of a tune with Robyn about Kindergarten that featured choreographed dancers with paper bags on their heads and just generally didn’t make any sense. And today they released a song with no cameos and a single half-assed joke about how spelling sucks. This could have been funny (because spelling does suck!) but it’s really not.

Thankfully the decline stops here because “The Wack Album” is out next Tuesday, June 11. This has been Wack Wednesdays. Watch “Spell It Out” below—or don’t and just go back and watch “I Fucked My Aunt.”