Canadian instigative journalist alleges that Conservative party is trying to kill him; gives exclusive statement to D&T

For those of you following the exploits of Brian LaRue, the last few weeks have been pretty intense for him. After falling off of the grid for a few weeks, he resurfaced with a lengthy post on his Tumblr, the entirity of which is posted below.

Brian had allegedly previously acquired the same tape of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack that Gawker was trying to release. It appears that Brian has gotten into some hot water regarding the tape. He may be the first person to tell you that he’s hardly known for his subtle delivery, which is to say that Brian has a tendency to speak in hyperbole – yet he’s never posted or written about anything this severe before. Below is the unedited blog post which has since been taken down:

(I composed this after consulting legal counsel. The Toronto Police might want to check their facts, especially regarding technology.)

On Tuesday afternoon I was called and visited by members of the U.S. law enforcement community — an FBI special agent, another FBI agent, and a CBP agent. They had questions about Toronto — and they had some answers. According to them, a caller with enough power in Toronto called a representative of a certain Canadian security intelligence agency, who brought to their attention certain subjects I had been investigating and writing about over the past year:

Robocalls, who authorized them, paid for them, and which companies carried them out — of which Jenni Byrne has been moved up to a full Cabinet member so she won’t be held legally responsible
Senate expenses scandal, funding sources, offshore accounts
Activities involving corruption in the Greater Toronto Area involving a Minister of the Crown
The Rob Ford Crack video (the second copy that DOES exist)
A high ranking source in the State Department informed a representative of mine that a certain Canadian security intelligence agency had authorized a “shoot on sight (to kill)” order on me. U.S. law enforcement did their duty by informing me and keeping me safe, although with extreme conditions:

I have no access to my computers (except this one, temporarily), my iPad, or my iPhone…or any other electronics.
I have been advised that all my communications have been and will be monitored.
I have been advised not have any contact with Canadian citizens for the time being.
I was specifically asked about the Ford video and certain other subjects I’m not ready to disclose.
I am not under any formal trouble, but I am not allowed to enter Canada, ever, and I have no intention to for the rest of my life.
Too bad all of my sources or reporters I spoke with were done either in person, and that information is memorized, not typed or written down. Also of interest, another source at the State Department informed me that the Government of Canada Harper Government™ has spent at least a million dollars of taxpayer (Economic Action Plan?) money on finding me. They could’ve just emailed or called me.

The original copy of the video is gone, and I know who has it (a prominent political family member in Toronto). That information alone, along with the other investigations I’ve been doing were enough to trigger state-sanction murder over politics. A second copy MAY exist, and if it DID, only my legal representative MIGHT know the location and my wishes for releasing it IF it did exist if anything happens to me — call it a life insurance policy. The same goes with all of the Senate expenses and GTA corruption documents and proof. I’ve already pointed mainstream reporters in Canada in those directions, to find the information they need to go public with these stories. The U.S. media seems to be interested in how I was treated by the Canadian government…amongst other issues. Unfortunately, just like the situation with the Ottawa Citizen and Postmedia, I will not receive any credit for the information I’ve come across and the work I’ve done. Maybe that’s for the best, maybe that’s bullshit. (It’s bullshit.) As of this post, un**** is shut down, and I’m quitting investigative journalism in Canada. Certain people would rather I disappear by any means necessary (that includes my family and those I care about too), and I can’t run the risk of endangering them, or myself.

Michael Harris of iPolitics, CTV’s Robert Fife, and the CBC are reporters and organizations you can trust. I know I do. As for Gawker and their exposé, John Cook is a REAL INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST and editor. I trust him completely. Hell, they can even have the SUPPOSED crack video for free. Just kidding, I want a job.

I have a VERY good idea who the Toronto-area tipster to Ottawa was. Smart people will figure that out too, as well as the political party he’s a member of. Other people know about his and his corhort’s corruption, and they have the documents to prove it. Knowing who this person is, and his connection to Parliament, and the executive branch of government…it’s not hard to figure out who was involved, and how I’m being framed.

I’m not out of danger yet. Representatives of that certain Canadian agency may still want to speak with/at me…or worse. They will frame me — they’re already started that scheme, and I’ve seen the video you’re trying set me up with, Toronto Police. The people, companies, and government I was investigating wanted me dead — plain and simple. As my generation says: Fuck my life. So as I said before:

I’m shutting down un****, immediately.
I’ve deleted my Twitter account, permanently.
Same with most social media.
I’m aware that I will lose some friends this way due to the restrictions placed on me.
I’m truly sorry I wasn’t able to get the mainstream media to print the truth about the Robocalls scandal and true culprits. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to release the video of Mayor Ford like I promised. I wasn’t about to publicize the rampant government corruption I dug up. And I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make Canada a better, more just country. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do more.

If you’re like to send a note of…whatever…send it to crewcial @ (Subject: La fin). I won’t be answering any tweets or emails, but I will be reading them. This doesn’t apply to IRL friends with email and Facebook.

Love, and much hope for the future,
Beaucoup d’amour et d’espoir pour l’avenir,