BBC talk show calls Alex Jones out on his bullshit

Alex Jones, blowhard conspiracy theorist and employer of like-minded delusional turdburglars at the website InfoWars, joined UK Times reporter David Aaronovitch and “Sunday Politics” host Andrew Neil on the BBC yesterday for (what was supposed to be?) a gentlemanly discussion on the current political climate as well as, sigh, the supposed New World Order.

Well, Jones didn’t so much want to discuss the NWO, but Aaronovitch calls him out on this so-called super-secret society. Predictably, this skepticism causes Jones to freak the hell out and start screaming about FEMA camps and other silliness.

Neil joins in on the fun, too, eventually telling Jones he’s “the worst person [he’s] ever interviewed.” The whole thing is very cathartic and enjoyable viewing for a Sunday. Or for any day, really.

Skipped ahead to the good part for ya:

source: Telegraph UK