Flashback: Louis C.K. fronts as artist with artsy toilet art

Back in in the ’90s, long before his smash hit HBO specials and directing the unsung cult classic “Pootie-Tang,” a receding-hairline’d Louis C.K. (but going by the curious name of “David Cross”) explained his potty craft to MTV viewers in a spoofy “Artumentary” segment in between the channel’s regular programming and commercials. Those who saw this clip approximately 20 years ago had no clue they were in the virtual presence of the future’s phenomenally critic-proof (and parodied) model stand-up comic. They just thought they were watching another slacker putz make a poop joke, and they were right. “To me, the commode is like a universe,” the pre-balding C.K. Cross says, “and I can manipulate that universe just by flushing.”

Flashback to ’90s MTV and watch the “Artumentary” below.

h/t Daily of the Day