Black Sabbath’s new music video is nine minutes long

No one really expects the rejoining of Black Sabbath for their first album release in 30 years to necessarily set the world on fire, but, after checking out the stellar reviews of “13” and pretty gnarly old school guitar riffs on the album’s first music video below, you get the sense that Ozzy and his founding members enjoyed the reunion. More importantly, at least from their fans’ perspective, it’s nice to see the gang didn’t get too soft from reality TV fame or the general ennui that comes with rock retirement.

As for the video below, “God Is Dead?,” there’s no dubious social commentary or preachy narrative that loosely connects to the works of Nietzsche. More or less, the nine-minute clip offers a melange of imagery: scary eyeballs mixed with old concert footage and a dilapidated Times Square overrun by white collar criminals. No coincidence, probably, that the MTV offices are located on that very block. OK, so maybe there is some sorta commentary? I dunno. See for yourself.

h/t Consequence of Sound