The Beach Boys announce ‘Made in California’ box set with 60 unreleased tracks

“Made in California” isn’t just any box set, it’s the Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary box set, which is why the band looks a bit sleepy in the photo above—they’ve been at it for a while. Nevertheless, the six CD set contains over seven and a half hours of music. That’s the length of “Pet Sounds” played twelve and a half times back-to-back, so let that sink in for a second: it’s a lot of music.

With The Beach Boys, it couldn’t really be any other way. By my count, 2012’s “That’s Why God Made the Radio” was their twenty-ninth studio album. Hell, “Made in California” is their sixth box set. But this isn’t just a greatest hits cash-in, it features over sixty unreleased tracks (from a total of over 170 tracks). Unreleased material includes live performances, alternative takes, TV and radio performances, a capellas, and instrumentals, in addition to a few tracks that just never made it out there.

As you would expect, it comes in novelty packaging: a “high-school yearbook” hardcover package, to be exact. It includes “personal recollections” from the band, “replicated classic artwork and memorabilia,” and “handwritten yearbook-style inscriptions.” The cherry on the cake is an unusual addition: Brian Wilson’s high school essay, “My Philosophy,” in its original handwritten form. The essay probably isn’t the selling-point for most, but it could actually add a candid look into the mind of one of music’s most prolific, beloved, and troubled artists.

“Made in California” is available for pre-order on Amazon for $145. Expected release date is August 27th.