Unlocking The Truth…13-year-old Brooklyn metalheads slay

Unlocking The Truth are a 13-year-old metal band. That does not mean that they have been around for 13 years – the band members are both in sixth grade. Jarad Dawkins and Malcolm Brickhouse are two cool black kids from Brooklyn who are determined to do things a little differently by way of playing metal.

In this short doc from Avant Garde Diaries, the band is interviewed and play a short shows off an N train stop in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. One gets a sense that there must be other kid-bands out there that aren’t getting this kind of attention in perhaps not as media-rich cities like Brooklyn. There’s also the slightly waning novelty of “kids playing music for people in their 20s”… Tiny Masters Of Today come to mind (who grew up). Having said that, it’d be rad to see Unlocking The Truth continue to play and do rad shit and not get jaded by critics like me, man. Unlocking The Truth are a couple of pretty rad little dudes; much respect for getting their shit together at a young age.