The first gif to be sent to space is totally lame

The gif right below this paragraph is going to be sent into space tomorrow and I’m more than a little disappointed. This is, of course, the first gif being sent to space and it’s part of the Lone Signal METI project to send stuff like gifs to aliens for their consultation. This gif of a man scratching his ear by artist Kim Asendorf (entitled “Humans Watching Digital Art”) will be sent to Gliese 526 which is a constellation about 17.6 light-years away. There might be aliens there who will lol at it (in about 2031, when it gets there).


The obvious problem here is that there are so many great gifs out there (pronounced jiff by the way, which I always knew) that they could’ve picked. I’ve selected a few below for your consideration. Hopefully, I’ll actually get the opportunity to send them myself too.







[The Daily Dot]

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