Iggy Pop shows you downtown NYC in 1993

Acclaim Magazine (nope, me neither) recently unearthed a 16 minute Danish television spot that follows Iggy Pop around his neighborhood… in 1993. Iggy, at the time, lived in the East Village, which was then a LOT more rough-and-tumble than it is now. Iggy talks about an old psychedelic church on 9th St and how a patron of the church chopped a woman up into soup. He also talks about gentrification. If you think about it – making someone into soup and gentrification are kind of the same thing.

Interestingly, Iggy does bring up the fact that he “just worked” on the Jim Jarmusch film “Coffee & Cigarettes” – despite the fact that the film itself wouldn’t come out until a decade later, in 2003.