Audio: Howard Stern defends New Yorkers against Sarah Palin’s ‘bunch of little babies’ comment

Former reality TV star Sarah Palin returned to the Fox News airwaves on Monday to critique New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “bizarre bucket list” of an agenda in the closing months of his third and final term, which includes banning large sodas, background checks on gun ownership and recycling food scraps.

“Do New Yorkers feel like you’re just a bunch of babies?” Palin asked the “Fox & Friends” panel in their NYC studio. “Like, you got this nanny over ya telling ya what to do every day? … Your mayor, bless his heart, I feel for New Yorkers.”

Needless to say, the 49-year-old, who served one-half of a term as governor of Alaska, got her fair share of news coverage after the incendiary appearance, including an eight-minute rant from the King of All Media on Tuesday’s “The Howard Stern Show.”

If you’ve paid any attention to Stern’s morning show in the last couple years, you know that the very existence of Palin has inspired some of his best vitriol. Case in point: his comments on Palin after the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Ah. So good. But, before you click the previous link, tune into the King of All Media’s response to the Queen of the Trolls below: