HERE’s the Indiegogo project you should fund: a documentary on The Iron Sheik

To hell with James Franco and Zosia Mamet’s self-indulgent art farts. THIS is what Indiegogo was made for: Funding a feature-length documentary that explores the life and legend of WWF’s iconic bad guy Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, a.k.a. The Iron Sheik.

Filmmakers Jian Magen and Page Magen have followed Sheik for the last six years and collected interviews (hopefully this one), footage and readied the hard partying wrestler’s media archives (i.e. basement raid!) for what’s been their labor of love, “Iranian Legend: The Iron Sheik Story.”

The boys have 53 days to raise $100,000 for the project (Indiegogo link here), and here’s the part that makes it a good fight: Not only are the Magen brothers’ total bank accounts a fraction of what Franco or the Mamet family spend on yoga classes each month, but this project isn’t just to make another 90-minute title to weigh down your Netflix queue. A portion of the funds raised will go toward surgery and rehabilitation for the Sheik’s busted ankles and knees, which, to me, is an honorable effort. It’s not like the Sheik is some super-wealthy man sipping on $17 martinis in a high-priced hooker hotel. The man is pushing 74. He’s still schlepping around the same muscle pants and headpiece he’s been wearing since his ’80s glory days, not that they fit worth a crap.

Sorry for the sloppy, ass-kissy rant on this one. I’m half-a-cup of coffee in and recognize I may as well be hired as some kinda publicist for these Magen dudes, but I don’t care. It’s worth it. I want to see the Sheik in good health and get this movie made.

h/t Indiegogo