Terminally ill patient finds solace in song with Assembly of Dust

Reid Genauer, former frontman for beloved neo-hippies Strangefolk, recently experimented with Kickstarter in possibly one of the most compassionate ways that Kickstar’s been utilized yet. In fact, there was no way for even Reid to know just how impactful his project would be. The deal was simple: a listener would “purchase” a song from the band, essentially just paying for it to be written and produced at studio quality, and the song would be inspired by whatever was important to the person who funded it. When Genauer published the Kickstarter criteria, a few prospects for lyrical inspiration by others might be along the lines of, ohhh maybe a family pet? Or pizza? … if we’re getting really sentimental, how about the street you grew up on?

Instead, what Reid got was an inquiry from Ted and Jan (last names not provided for privacy), a beautiful couple from Oklahoma who were maintaining an impressively positive outlook considering Jan’s days were numbered. The couple, who were fans of Genauer’s work for many years, had learned of Jan’s diagnosis just prior to hearing about the Kickstarter program. They’d decided together that it would be most optimal to maintain a good attitude until Jan had to say goodbye; but then Ted wanted to take it a step further. He asked Reid, as a gift to his partner, to write a song inspired by their relationship and their incredible dynamic.

The end result was a touching American song called “Oklahoma Point Of View”. I was touched by the story of Jan and Ted, especially considering I throw fits over things like losing my keys or a deal getting killed at work. You can hear Reid recap the experience below, as well as check out the single.