Nine hospitalized after liquid nitrogen pool party in Mexico

In León, Mexico, nine people were taken to a nearby hospital after becoming unconscious at a Jagermeister-sponsored pool party on Wednesday. Partygoers noticed their friends passing out after four barrels of liquid nitrogen were poured into the pool for cool effect. Multiple reports claim the mixture of liquid nitrogen and chlorine created a toxicity that our bodies and brains just can’t handle, which could be true. I dunno. Call Bill Nye. But, chlorine aside, liquid nitrogen on its own depletes oxygen and probably left those in the pool, also too drunk to notice, without air.

Eight victims have since been released from the hospital, but 21-year-old Jose Ignacio Lopez del Toro remains comatose. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known any better myself, especially with the trance music and bikinis all around. Such a shame. Video from the event below.

h/t Arbroath