South Georgia Highballers release ‘Mister Johnson Turn Me Aloose’… the song of the summer… of 1913!

CHECK THIS SHIT OUT. South Georgia Highballers were a gnarly band from (you guessed it) South Georgia. They released the song of the summer 100 years ago and now we’re finally getting to hear it.

Yes, this was the “Get Lucky” of the summer of 1913. The Tompkins Square record label has lovingly recreated a whole album of these lost nuggets from 78rpm records from the era. The results, the accurately named “Turn Me Loose: Outsiders Of Old Time Music” compilation, is actually a surprisingly jam-filled little album with all sorts of (offbeat) hits (from 100 years ago). This was the kind of stuff your great grandpa got down to, man. Bumpin’ and grindin’ to this. Get it on iTunes here or on vinyl here.

South Georgia Highballers release 'Mister Johnson Turn Me Aloose'... the song of the summer... of 1913!