Swedish police tracking down man who had sex with bicycle

The Sun reports a “cycle shagger” is still at large in Osterlund, Sweden, where police continue their pursuit for the above suspect who was caught on closed-circuit TV dry-humping a bike.

The manhunt for the hooded humper is believed to have some connection to a string of pervy bike crimes back in 2007, when a 35-year-old had been arrested for slashing the tires of 20 bikes and then masturbating on their saddles.

Of course, it could just be that Sweden has really hot bikes. Authorities are still culling together all the facts. “I am not scared of him,” says bike owner Per Edstrom, who recorded CCTV footage of his bike’s victimization. “This man is probably completely harmless. Bicycles are just his thing.”

Watch surprisingly SFW video of the suspect below as he straddles and slashes its back tire and pleasures himself in the process.

h/t Yababoon/video: Orhan Mutlu