Val Kilmer’s not-awful idea for a sequel to Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’

The other day Val Kilmer sat down with Larry King on Hulu’s new “Larry King Now” program to discuss his killer career. The 53-year-old, who helped define ’90s machismo with roles in George P. Cosmatos’s silly but studly “Tombstone,” Oliver Stone’s oversexed “The Doors” and of course Michael Mann’s neo-noir classic “Heat,” should receive more praise for his contributions to film. And not just from the ’90s. Check out his performance in David Mamet’s “Spartan” in 2004. So unsung.

But, as much as we’d all wanna ride the man’s sack for acting chops, we gotta remember that he required a solid script and/or an astute director to help him reach those moments of greatness. Now, I can’t speak for his new one-man stage show “Citizen Twain,” also his writing and directorial debut, but let’s just be thankful that Mann has the rights and the option for a sequel to his 1995 cops-n-robbers flick. Otherwise, if Kilmer would have his way, “Heat 2″ would have Al Pacino strapped to Murphy bed handles and covered in Silly String while forced to watch our pony-tailed villain pump Natalie Portman full of huckleberry juice.

I’m paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much what Kilmer suggested to King:

I have an idea for a sequel to “Heat.” Here’s my pitch: Do you remember Natalie Portman in it? Pacino’s adopted daughter? So, she comes home and says Daddy, Daddy, I want you to meet my fiance! and it’s me. Because he’s retired, and I come to Chicago, where he’s retired back to, and I’m gonna torture him and I’m gonna kill him. It’s a mind game.

You know, on second thought, Kilmer might have what it takes for writing and directing. Pacino screaming and shouting? Check. Hot babe? Check. Chicago backdrop? Hmmm, that’s not so much Mann’s jam. He’s an L.A. guy, and, if Kilmer wants to bring the director back to helm this softcore sequel, then they may wanna draw straws on location. Still, lots of potential having Kilmer behind the camera or downloading Final Draft software. He could make some solid genre movies from the sound of it, no?

As for King, he just grumbled in response to Kilmer’s pitch, likely because the suspender-clad host never saw the movie in the first place.

h/t The Wrap