Happy Canada Day, Canadians! Here are 13 of the best Canadian things!

Happy Canada Day, everybody! Here are some of the greatest things about our friendly neighbor to the North!

1. Anne of Green Gables

Happy Canada Day, Canadians! Here are 13 of the best Canadian things!

Lucy Maude Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” was the book that spawned a bajillion badass ladies with secret plans to someday move to Prince Edward Island, or to at least get drunk *once* on blackberry cordial. I tore through the whole series, from “Anne of Green Gables” to “Anne of Ingleside,” and then all the other Avonlea books after that. I’d read them hoping I’d have a “bosom friend” like Diana, and that I’d meet my future husband by breaking something over his head. I loved the CBC miniseries that used to air a few times a year on PBS, and the “Road To Avonlea” series that I got to watch whenever they had a Disney Channel preview weekend.

2. The Littlest Hobo

I am totally obsessed with “The Littlest Hobo,” which is maybe weird because I totally hated both Lassie and Flipper. “The Littlest Hobo” is basically about a dog that travels randomly from town to town solving everyone’s problems as if by magic. Many of the episodes are available on YouTube if you want to watch them for yourself, which you should totally do.

3. ‘O Canada’ is a lovely song

“O Canada” is much easier to sing than the “Star Spangled Banner” is. Also, it’s very pretty and not at all about bombs, which is nice.

4. Canadian people seriously are the nicest ever.


People who travel to Canada from America are always super shocked at how polite and friendly Canadians are, and also how they must not ever litter at all because you could seriously eat off the sidewalk it’s so clean in Toronto. However, a recent massive flood in Alberta has really let the Canadian spirit of awesome niceness shine. The government has done it’s part to help those affected, but also thousands of Calgarians showed up to help clean up and have opened up their homes to evacuees.

5. Free health care for everyone!


The Canadian Health Care system isn’t perfect (who’s is, except for maybe Norway?), but can you even imagine a world where you could just go to the Emergency Room if something happens to you and then not go into debt for the rest of your life? I mean, here, you could be charged $1000 just for the ride there in the ambulance! In Canada, you can just go and be taken care of and it doesn’t even matter if you are rich or not. But, if you are, you can still pay for your own special healthcare if you so choose.

6. Moxy Früvous

Canada is basically the land of geek rock, but Moxy Früvous was a particular favorite of mine in high school. I say it still holds up.

7. Pretty much ALL of your favorite TV shows as a kid

“You Can’t Do That On Television,” “Degrassi,” “Are You Afraid of The Dark,” “Today’s Special,” that “Fifteen” show that was like a soap opera for kids that used to be on after “Welcome Freshman” on Nickelodeon if anyone besides me remembers that, etc, were all totally Canadian.

8. You can drink there at 19 (18 in Quebec!)08119158.interactive.a

Which is a bit more reasonable than 21.

9. Kids In The Hall

Still the best thing ever. EVER.

10. Margaret Atwood


What would we do without Margaret Atwood? Well, for one thing, without “The Handmaid’s Tale,” how would we explain what on earth is going on with whatever Republicans are trying to do to women’s rights these days?

11. Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s amazing career as a musician, poet, songwriter and novelist has spanned over 50 years now. And 50 years from now, “Suzanne” will still be the favorite song of every girl at every art school ever.

12. SCTV

“SCTV,” produced by Toronto’s Second City troupe, was “Saturday Night Live’s” main competition for a number of years in the 70’s and 80’s=, and launched the careers of Rick Moranis, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara and Dave Thomas.

OH. This reminds me. Alex Trebek is Canadian too!


Oh come on. Like we’d have a list of awesome Canadian things without SHATNER.

I could go on and on. I had planned a whole section on how Canadian’s have way better candy than we do because they get the good European shit like Aerobars and Kinder Eggs and stuff. Oh, and also about the Canadian Supermodel Girlfriends that all the boys in my high school always had. And of course, there’s hockey and maple syrup and Canada Dry Ginger Ale and all the other obvious Canadian things, and the fact that their drug laws are way more sane than ours are. God, you know what? Are there any handsome, single Canadians out there looking for a nice, funny lady who is really good at singing show tunes and um, doing other stuff also, probably? Hmm?

Anyway, Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian friends!