Improvisational ‘Blurred Lines’ cover blurs the line between pop and jazz

New York City-based Collective Cadenza, or cdza, are “highly trained musical virtuous, particularly from prestigious musical schools in the NYC area” who make YouTube videos of “musical video experiments,” says Wikipedia. They’re modest, too.

On Wednesday, they released a new video covering Robin Thicke’s hit “Blurred Lines.” Unlike lots of other people on Youtube, cdza didn’t try to replicate Thicke’s vaguely misogynistic NSFW banned-from-Youtube video (or the work-safe Youtube version) and focused on that other part of the video: the music.

The video calls itself an “impromptu session” and most of the performers are given a chance to solo a over the melody that you’ve likely been hearing non-stop lately. Particular standouts are a crazy flute-solo and some out-of-nowhere guitar shredding. The drummer’s pretty awesome too and doesn’t get nearly enough camera time.

The new arrangement certainly adds a lot to the original sparse drums, keyboards, bass and vocals mix. The resulting song is actually very possibly a better song, or at least a more interesting one, than Thicke’s version. Check it out below and decide for yourself.

h/t: Doobybrain